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Welcome To www.mobyboatshoes.com

Mobydick Boatshoes was born in the summer of 1995, and has been a favourite with both sailing enthusiasts and everyday casual shoe users. We are often now known just as - Moby's.

Not heard of us? Well, roughly 70% of our product is sold to export markets, with a strong following in Europe.

Our aim is simple to provide great value for money, giving an authentic boatshoe with real quality at sensible prices in the classic timeless styling.

Comfort & durability are key to this mantra and in this we know we are very successful.

Our shoes have always been made in Portugal, in smaller correctly organised family run factories, with a long tradition in the manufacture of the genuine moccasin style. Quality & finish is closely monitored by Antonio, our highly competant, handsome & experienced 'man in Portugal'. Alas, his driving is not the same....

Buy a pair and see what it's all about, you won't regret it !!

VAT Reg GB639662794

Mobydick Boatshoes is a registered trade mark.